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      盐山天泰管道装备有限公司是河北天泰机械集团有限公司的参股公司,是由国企盐山铁厂改制的一家民营企业。以灵活的机制、高技术含量的产品,赢得了广大客户的好评。公司是集生产、出口贸易于一体的国内专业制造公司。 公司占地面积200亩,建筑面积2.5万平方米,总资产2亿元,现有员工226人。




      3:无缝钢管; 直缝焊管; 螺旋焊管; 镀锌钢管,保温管道,3PE防腐管道。



      6:销售不锈钢管道,材质为304 321 316L各种耐腐蚀合金、耐高温合金、690、825系列、双相不锈钢以及特殊镍基合金不锈钢管 。



      Yanshan Tiantai pipeline equipment Co., Ltd. Yanshan Tiantai Real Estate Company belongs to the stock company of Hebei Tiantai group. It is a private enterprise reformed by state-owned enterprises. With flexible mechanism and high technology content, we won the praise of our customers. The company is a domestic professional manufacturing company integrating production and export trade. The company covers an area of 200 mu, the building area of 25 thousand square meters, the total assets of 200 million yuan, the existing staff of 200 people, the company has always adhered to the "quality and customer first" management concept.

      Main business scope:

      1: Pipe fittings; elbows, elbows, reducers, tees, flanges.

      2: Gate valve, globe valve, check valve, ball valve, butterfly valve, special working condition valve, hydrogenation valve and other products.

      3: Seamless steel pipe; straight seam welded pipe; spiral welded pipe; galvanized steel pipe, insulation pipe, 3PE anticorrosive pipe.

      4: Miscellaneous pipelines; supports and hangers, compensators, insulating joints, insulating flanges.

      5: Precision casting, ductile iron manhole covers, rainwater grate, fasteners and other casting products.

      6: Sales of stainless steel pipes, made of 304 321 316L various corrosion-resistant alloys, high-temperature alloys, 690, 825 series, duplex stainless steel and special nickel-based alloy stainless steel pipes.

      The company strives to provide good price, excellent quality, first-class progress, perfect pre-sale, sale and after-sales service, providing customers with high cost-effective products and services to cooperate with us, progress together, develop and create brilliance together.